The Depression Project...

Are you worth 20 minutes? If you are suffering from depression you probably think you're not. So let me help you. I think you're worth it - whoever you are - I think you are worth 20 minutes. So here is your homework... I get that seeing as how you are suffering from depression, the last thing you want to do is something for yourself but bear with me. You have 23 hours and 40 minutes to give over to your depression - I am only asking for twenty minutes. Is this going to be easy? Hell no! Does it sound like a bunch of crap? Probably. Is it doable? Hell yes.

Here is your task for the next week. Give yourself twenty minutes. Get up, get dressed, and go outside. You can just stand there for the rest of the twenty minutes (Because I am accepting that included in the twenty minutes is the time it takes to get up, get dressed ....). If you have the energy - walk for the rest of the twenty minutes. If not.... stand there. Outside. Rain or shine or snow or whatever ... but hold on that's not all.

Please answer the following questions:

What colour was the sky?
What was the weather like?
What did it smell like outside today?
Did you happen to feel a breeze on your face?
What was the first thing you noticed when you stepped outside?
What did you hear?
If you walked, what did you notice on the ground?
If you stood there, what did you notice around your feet?
What sounds did you hear?
Where there any birds? Dogs? Cats? Squirrels?
If so how many?

There ... that's it. Can you do this every day for a week? If you like - leave your posts. Watch what happens. Share with us.

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