Marching to a different drum....

I march to a different drum, do you? I am not a 9 to 5er. As a psychologist in private practice I get to set my own hours, decide what days I work and when I take time off. My partner is a consultant who also works from home.

Sometimes I feel a little out of step with the world. I was recently telling my osteopath what my day was like: I get up, I have the time to exercise – which means driving to the mountain for a run, or walking up to the summit – both taking an hour plus in the morning. I come home, shower up, eat and then relax (or run errands) – often I am on my laptop (spending too much time on Facebook!) writing for this blog, or for the Argyle Institute creating their newsletter. I go to work in the afternoon – and most nights of the week I work till 8 pm or 9. I come home, eat a light dinner, read and go to bed. Personally, this sounds kind of sweet to me. It’s low stress, a relaxed pace, what’s the problem? But when I shared this with my osteopath he had a strong reaction about my working that late into the night – asking incredulously how I get anything done.

And somehow – that got me unsettled – albeit momentarily. Sometimes people think there is only one way to live, or a "right way" to live. Sometimes we get caught up in being like everyone else, or living in a socially prescribed way. Sometimes when my husband and I are out walking in the morning and I see all these folks getting on buses, or in cars, and going … I feel left out, or different, at least a wee bit uncomfortable .. until I remind myself, this is ok, what I choose is good, its good for me.

I have clients who have a very difficult time living with the ”status quo”. As such, they have sought out different lifestyles to cope – and even though they may be successful they are often reprimanded by family and friends for not living “like the rest of us”.

Marching to a different drum has got to be ok. The world needs diversity. People need several alternatives by which to work, live, play, heal, and connect. Celebrate your differentness! And next time someone says why are you like that you can say with confidence – because I choose to be and it’s good for me!

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